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The novice program offers the beginner a non competitive introduction to hockey.

The Novice Hockey Program is designed to teach basic skating and hockey skills to the beginning player.  The program’s emphasis is on improving the children's skating skill as well as the basic skills of the game of hockey.   Children will participate at skating and hockey drills as well as playing games.  The novice program offers the beginning player an excellent, low stress, non-competitive introduction to the game of hockey.

Although not a strict requirement, the Novice program is generally considered a prerequisite to entering our House League or Travel Hockey programs.
The APHA Novice Hockey Program is broken up into three sessions, starting in September, November, and January.  Participants are welcome to register at any time.

Jim Hunt

APHA President

Phone: (734) 309-1536

Sponsored by Park Athletic Supply

Park Athletic Supply

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Park Athletic Supply proud sponsor of the Allen Park Hockey Association teams and Allen Park Hockey Association Novice Program