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APHA Bylaws

You have reached the APHA bylaws web page. These bylaws allow the APHA organization to operate according to a set of guidelines defined by the board and approved by the general membership. It is important for all members to know the bylaws of the association. Bylaws govern how you participate in the organization, how you can become part of the leadership and your rights, responsibilities and privileges as a member.

If you have suggestion for the APHA bylaws, please document it and submit the document to an APHA board member. The APHA board will review and discuss the request.
No rule or guideline in these bylaws may conflict with the rules of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) or the United States Amateur Hockey Association (USA Hockey – formerly A.H.A.US) which are the governing body of hockey in the United States and Michigan. If there is any conflict in rules, MAHA and USA rules preside. Additionally, MAHA/USA bylaws do not require a vote by the membership.